Communication Skills Training

Mis-communication is normal

Something we are fond of quoting here at Impact Factory. It’s obvious as soon as you think about it that all communication is subject to a certain amount of misunderstanding.

What we do here is help people reduce the chances of misunderstanding to a minimum.

All Businesses talk about needing better communication skills, but often don’t know exactly what that means or they don’t know how to go about making it happen.

And without doubt, unless you are a company of one, at some point or another, communication will go awry through no one’s fault or intention – it’s just the way it happens.

Communication Skills Training

The cornerstone of all business is good communication.

At Impact Factory we help people become more effective, more confident and more dynamic communicators.

Effective communication makes for effective business.

Our Communication Skills Training can be tailored as an in-house management programme to address specific issues within your company, or you can attend one of our Communication Skills Open Courses.

When it comes to communicating under pressure you can’t be anyone other than yourself.

That’s why we’re big on personal style.

Most people in business think they communicate pretty well, and in our experience, that’s generally true.

However, good communication skills have to be “developed, honed and added to on an on-going basis“.

They are at the heart of interpersonal skills and the greater people’s awareness of how it all works, the more effective their communication will be.

Here’s where people’s communication skills can go awry :

When they have to deliver a difficult message

Handle conflict

Give ‘bad news’

When they get wrong-footed

Face potential humiliation

Feel misunderstood

Or get really surprised by someone else’s behaviour.

That’s the point where Impact Factory can make a real difference in the way people develop their communication skills.

Effective Communication Skills Training

We deal with communication skills training by unpicking what happens – if you know how the dynamics work, you can be in charge of them.

Then you can choose from a whole range of tools and techniques that fit your personal style.

We’re big on personal style because when it comes to communicating under pressure you can’t be anyone other than yourself.

Therefore, we like to develop the communication skills people already have and the things they already do well, rather than focusing on what’s wrong or what needs to be fixed.

Tailored and In-House Communication Skills Training
If your business has groups of people who simply have to communicate more effectively, then giving them communication training may be just what you need.

You might have pockets of ‘them and us’: marketing vs finance, IT vs admin, HR vs operations, consultants vs full-time staff.