Why Storytelling ?

People like to learn from stories when stories are delivered through storytelling.

Everyone loves a good story. When the tale is presented in the storytelling format by a talented storyteller, the experience is invariably one of life’s memorable moments. If you are looking for storytelling sessions for your children, here’s a list of organizations and storytellers you should track. Connect with them on social media to be updated about session details and special events. 

Types of Stories

  • Emotional stories
  • Springboard stories
  • Humor slayer stories
  • Knowledge sharing stories
  • Future stories
  • Hero and Survivor stories
  • Kick in the pants stories
  • Value – base stories

What Makes Storytelling Good?

  • Storytelling builds trust
  • Storytelling unlocks passion
  • Storytelling is non-hierarchical
  • Storytelling roots the message in the receiver
  • Storytelling acts as a catalyst to understanding